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AC Milan townshipscore:4.5 / 52018-04-26

Location, very clean, and suitable for people of gongchu in the vicinity, rose suite for free at the hotel.
edx615score:4.0 / 52018-04-24

Nice, very quiet
IDONGXINscore:3.5 / 52018-04-24

Gave a window of the room for the first time, the second on the air conditioning unit very noisy, the third for a good room-not easy-
liuxy102score:3.8 / 52018-04-23

Other very good but my boss is not satisfied with air conditioning effect poor cooling effect
Fred Daiscore:4.5 / 52018-04-21

Types of hotel very good rich breakfast as well as free shuttle bus to participate in the exhibition of the new Expo Center friends preferred price in Shanghai has fairly nice for a business travel experience
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